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Stretcher Leveling

Stress Free Material

Precision blanking requires the right tools to produce strict tolerances.

Our processing begins with the Herr-Voss Corrective Roller Leveler which removes defects such as center buckle, wavy edges, cross bow, coil set and similar problems you routinely encounter during initial coil processing.

For most applications, the roller leveler is able to produce the required flatness. However if the roller leveler can not, stretcher leveling is also the preferred method of achieving consistently flat, stress-free blanks. This is extremely important with fabricators because while a blank may appear flat, it can still contain stress which can result in significant springback while being worked. Stretcher Leveling leaves no unwanted stress or springback, which is a tremendous benefit whether you're welding, forming, punching or in particular, laser cutting.

Stretcher Leveling surpasses Tension Leveling or Temper Leveling in flattening, leaving your material perfectly flat. Squareness is also maintained automatically through independent left and right hand grips during the process.

Stretcher Leveler

We also use Red Bud's SUREGRIP® technology. SUREGRIP® prevents slippage of material while stretching. It doesn't matter what gauge the material is or whether it's oily or dry.

All of these features enable us at Kalamazoo Steel Processing to process coils that may otherwise be rejected, which reduces scrap and allows you be even more productive.

Precision Cutting
Precision Cutting
Stretcher Leveling

Before Stretching

Stretcher Leveling

After Stretching


Stretcher Leveling removes the edge wave and center buckle.

Trapped internal stress can cause center buckle and edge wave.

Material is now laser quality flat, with center buckle and edge wave removed!

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